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chamberBrand Excellent is teaming up with the Marathon Chamber of Commerce to bring a two-day technology seminar for those with little or no technical skill.  Dates will be in December/January.  Stay tuned for details! 

SEO/SEM Services

seo sem_servicesIf you want to be found online, Google is the only name in the game.  Out of the hundreds of thousands of search results for your web site's key words, your true competition is just the 10 found on the first page!  With our Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing Services, we will get your website on the first page.  As Google AdWord Certified Individuals, we manage client campaign budgets of over $100K per year.  Trust us, they do!

 Our SEO/SEM Services are broken down into three main areas:

Search Engine Optimization

seoPerforming SEO on your website is the same thing as getting a car tuned up for a big race.  If you jump into the race without making sure everything is up to par, then you will perform less than perfect and you will lose to a competitor that is in better shape.  This holds true for your web site.  Before we perform any marketing, we analyze your competition and find out what they are doing to get a top 10 placement on Google.  We then compare the results to your web site to figure out how to fill the gaps.

Search Engine Marketing

semSearch Engine Marketing (SEM) is a way for you to actively drive traffic to your website through either organic or paid searches (Google AdWords).  Organic SEM involves building giant networks of content on other web sites that contain links that points back to your site. Paid SEM is paying money directly to search engines to advertise in their search results.  Brand Excellent can provide both services.  We understand what Google wants and how to get you there since we are  qualified Google Advertising Professionals.

Solution Packages

Brand Excellent offers a the capabilities of designing web sites and campaigns from the ground up.  When we do this, we are able to fine tune every aspect to achieve maximum results.  Maximum results means getting you the biggest bang for your buck so marketing dollars will last longer.

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Did You Know?
Although our representatives are located in the Florida Keys, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Daytona Beach, we have clients from all over the United States.  In fact with our online meeting technology, we have the capability to meet with anyone around the world and work on projects just as if we were sitting right in your office.

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These guys are great. They went above and beyond our web site needs and we are very happy with the on-going support.

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I've worked with these guys and I highly recommend their products and services to any of my clients!

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My web site is so easy to update now that I can focus on my business instead of worring about the site.

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