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chamberBrand Excellent is teaming up with the Marathon Chamber of Commerce to bring a two-day technology seminar for those with little or no technical skill.  Dates will be in December/January.  Stay tuned for details! 

Web Design Services

web site_design_servicesWe always get our clients exactly what they want when we create or remodel a web site.  Our unique design process allows the client to view and adjust multiple designs with various layouts, colors, and graphics before we ever begin to build the site.  This way there is 100% agreement between Brand Excellent and our clients on every job.  This process assures that there are not any surprises or misunderstandings throughout the website creation.  You always get what you pay for and more!

 Web design covers two main areas:

New Web Site

new websiteWhen we build new site, we build them right from the ground up.  We leverage the talent of our designers and the latest Content Management System (CMS) technology to bring you the best solution.  We work with all of your colors, logos, and themes to produce a web site that fits your needs.  With the use of a CMS, we empower you to make modifications to the content of your site whenever you choose.  That way you can concentrate on producing fresh content that will assist existing customers and help you gain new ones.  Depending on your needs, we will fit you with either WebSite Baker, Wordpress, or Joomla as your CMS backend.  If you can use a Word Processor, then you can update your web site.

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Existing Web Site

existing websiteThere are a few things that we can do to an existing site.  We can add additional functionality to an existing site or even fix errors that are occurring when visitors hit the site.  However, most often it is better to do a whole site redesign.  Technology has  advanced  in recent years in such a way we are able to create a more dynamic, vibrant, and interactive web site based upon the existing content from your current site.  If your site is already running WebSite Baker, Wordpress, or Joomla, then we have the necessary skills to "re-skin" your templates and upgrade site features.

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Did You Know?
Although our representatives are located in the Florida Keys, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, and Daytona Beach, we have clients from all over the United States.  In fact with our online meeting technology, we have the capability to meet with anyone around the world and work on projects just as if we were sitting right in your office.

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Client Testimonial

These guys are great. They went above and beyond our web site needs and we are very happy with the on-going support.

- D. Thomas, Island Realty

Client Testimonial

I've worked with these guys and I highly recommend their products and services to any of my clients!

- R. Johnson, Keys Tech Solutions

Client Testimonial

My web site is so easy to update now that I can focus on my business instead of worring about the site.

- S. Prince, Go Fly a Kite